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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  August 22, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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new information about a deadly beating and the police search for another killer of a victim. and thank you for joining us. it's been a tough weekend for the hispanic community. as the police make an arrest in a hate crime murder, another hispanic man dies from his injuries. wjz-13 is live at city police head quarters and derek valcourt has more in that case. >> reporter: it's the third weekend in a row where hispanic men have been attacked in baltimore and this time the suspect is a 13-year-old girl. >> reporter: it was august 13th when a young teen girl tried to rob two hispanic men and the men resisted, she shot them both. one survived and the second
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victim died saturday unable to recover. >> it seems like they're targeting the spanish community, unfortunately, a lot of us, we don't complain about it. >> reporter: he warned everyone about the rash of attacks on the men. the latest came friday night. a 51-year-old was beaten to death with a wooden plank. it was by this 19-year-old. he gave a taped confession to the police saying he hated hispanics. the community activists are out raged by the third weekend in a row they've been targeted. >> if it happens to one, it happens to all of us. >> reporter: the police are warning the hispanic community. >> we need the help of the community to come forward if they're seeing something. it's not going to be a legal issue if you're here legally,
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we just want to solve the crimes. >> reporter: the suspect does have a criminal record. most of the convictions are for drugs. he'll go before a trial on september 20th. derek, thank you. and the suspect also has mental issues and he was off of his medications at the time of the attack. >> also, tonight in the city, the police are investigating the death of a two month old baby. it was found inside a house in the 4300 block of plain field avenue in north east baltimore. the death is classified as suspicious and there are no obvious signs of trauma to the body. it's been a wild weather day to the sunshine and sudden storms. let's look outside right now. the sun's fighting back as we speak. let's go to tim williams and he's live with first warning doppler weather radar.
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it was nice out there between the rain. >> well, yeah, you had to dodge it a little bit. some didn't see much rain. it came through sooner than later and they're widely scattered showers. backing us up, giving you an idea of what came down the line. some of the showers and storms embedded in the showers are strong and as of now, really what we're seeing, the temperatures down around the 80- degree range and the heavier showers moving across salisbury and ocean city may see some and came bridge saw them moving through and some of the thunderstorms were quick. they separated as they moved through and we're seeing more clearing than the rain. this is the pattern with the front hanging over us and the low pressure system kicking up the showers. we'll talk more about the leather in the first warning weather. thank you.
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the convicted d.c. sniper isn't cooperating with the police about the possibility of additional victims. malvo refused to meet with the detectives. in the televised interview with shatner, he said he shot 42 people, but he's linked to 27 shootings. he won't talk to the police about the claims and won't allow them to speak with his psychiatrist. the military's top commander in iraq is confident. he says it would take a failure for the u.s. to resume the operations. as we report, there may be little american involvement in iraq beyond 2011. >> reporter: this top commander in iraq says he's sure that iraqi troops are ready to handle the country's security. on "face the nation" he wasn't
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ready to declare victory, but said things were well. >> we'll see how iraq turns out. >> reporter: and on thursday, the last combat unit left seven years after the toppling of saddam hussein. most will remain as teachers and trainers. dramatic pictures of the armored vehicles left many wondering if iraq was ready for the hard road ahead. a bomb exploded sunday killing one person and injuring several. another roadside bomb wounded four people. and u.s. officials say that the way to end the attacks is by building up the iraqi government. >> we would like to see it completed as soon as possible. the quicker the better.
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it's important they get moving forward. >> and a top republican says that after the forces are gone, he hopes there's a u.s. presence in iraq for many years. president barack obama will address the nation when he returns from vacation. wjz eyewitness news. and the top commanders say that after next year, the u.s. will be involved with helping train the iraqis to secure their own borders. we're learning more about the farms where half a billion recalled eggs came from. they share close ties with -- 1300 people have gotten sick by salmonella as a result of tainted eggs and this week, 550 billion eggs are recalled. now, an incredible story in maryland.
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the sport he loved kept him paralyzed and as alex demetrick reports, he's not most people. >> reporter: he needs these wheels to get around and these to live. >> i was doing a jump and it was wet and i didn't know it. i lost my momentum and i didn't make it and i flipped and my bike landed on my back. >> and with the help of his friend, he's once again racing motocross. his legs are locked down and controls are on the bars. >> i can't use my legs at all yet. >> reporter: remember that word, yet. at age 19, he's on the rugged track and he's raced in the x games and his goal: >> i'll be the fastest moto
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cross guy in the world. i'm training to do that. i'll be that guy. >> he's inspirational. everyone is touched by his story. he makes me cry. >> reporter: they started riding together when they were 7 and they still train together. today, they're working on this jump. >> when he got back, i couldn't believe where he was now and where he was back then. it was like he was faster than when he was walking. fast enough to fly on the jump and remember the word, yet. >> they told me i wouldn't walk and i said, i'll walk and i'll walk back in here and show you. never, never, never give up. >> reporter: alex demetrick, eyewitness news. and he just raced a standard motor cross. he was in 8th place and that was out of 40 nonparalyzed riders. very cool! >> still to come tonight, more
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out rage at ground zero. protestors swarmed the site of a mosque. and mosque. >> and why a baltimore county church is using a sunday to honor extraordinary people. that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a lot of protestors gathered at ground zero, several cheered what wanted the project moved somewhere else. a group called the coalition to honor ground zero sponsored the rally and mosque supporters held a counter protest later on. wyclef jean is not eligible to run for presidency in haiti. he didn't meet residency requirements. he's appealing the rejection. he said he has documentation to prove the eligibility. if you see a police officer or a firefighter today, you may want to stop and say thank you.
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that's because a baltimore county church named today public servant appreciation day. gigi barnett has more. >> reporter: from the outside of calvary baptist church, it looks like veteran's day, inviteside: it's public servant appreciation day. for the last six years, this is the opportunity to say thank you. the first responders like this man here were here. he's an officer with the natural resources police. >> when they're out boating and swimming, we show up. >> reporter: if he takes action, it usually doesn't come with a thank you. >> most of the people aren't happy to see us. but to see how many turned out today, it was impressive. >> people respect what we do, it's dangerous. >> reporter: that's one of the reasons they hosted the appreciation sunday.
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he she -- she's a third generation firefighter. >> we go out on the doors and the engines and everything. we just do our job. >> reporter: in addition to a hearty thank you, each received a gift card from the church,the money raised by the members. and in dundalk, i'm gigi barnett, eyewitness news. thank you. gigi. >> and some state lawmakers attended the event. and he was known as brave heart and the people of baltimore remembered the scottish war hero. [bag pipes] today marks the anniversary of william wallace's death. the monument was dedicated in
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1893 and then rededicated by the st. andrews society of baltimore. every year, there's a small ceremony. good thing they didn't have mel gibson, right? you think? no telling what delay you may need for that. >> well, we delayed the rain, not bad. that came through earlier than later and many of the plans were oak. >> yeah, it was just a little bit spotty. >> and humid. we got up to 87 degrees today and now, down to 86 and just a degree off and we had a delays for the orioles today. and 55% humidity and a north, northwest wind and 9 miles per hour and the barometer at 29.79 and falling. your complete forecast and a new tropical storm to talk about in a few moments. ,,,,,,,,
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we had spotty showers today, it started early. really, depending on where you were, you didn't see much activity at all. right now, temperatures reflecting our daytime high just a degree off from this now. 84 is the average and we're at 86. 74 is the overnight low last night. 63 is the average. we'll be around 70 tonight. muggy outside now and dew points have been high. 68%ly and -- 68 exactly and 79 in ocean city and we had strong thunderstorms rollingly north east maryland and the cal ripken world series is going on up there. 17 miles per hour in the northwest and pax river, around 8-mile per hour from the south west. again, the winds are variable. it's going to be this way over
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the next few days or so. we're talking through tuesday, because of the low pressure system that's set up shop over us and it's close up enough, it's bringing in the moisture and triggering the light showers as a result. what we've seen towards the east, we've seen lines of showers and the dry air is moving on in from the northwest. that's going to be the case throughout the next few days or so. the dry air is bringing us clear conditions and we'll warm up pretty quickly when ever it comes through the clouds. we'll see this throughout tuesday or so. heavier rain through new england. we'll see an inch and a half of rain up the north east corridor. we're out of the heaviest portion of the rain for now. dry air is moving on in and temperatures will take a hit going into monday and we'll go back up into the 80s as dry air and high pressure takes control into the beginning of the week.
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we have another tropical depression turned tropical storm now. it's daniel and sustained winds at 40 miles per hour and moving to the west of africa and it's going to make a turn to the northwest and potentially becoming a hurricane tuesday and wednesday and potentially a category 2 storm. it's really not, well, it's not determined where it will be and how it will impact the mainland. we'll keep a close eye on the storm as it progresses across the atlantic. a small craft advisory at midnight and the next high tide at 12:07. thunderstorms and spotty early this evening and we'll see partly cloudy conditions and 81 tomorrow and clouds and again, the thunderstorm in the afternoon and 75 tuesday and a better chance of rain. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,nds good, did
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well, the orioles hit a bunk today. the birds fell, 12-8. they're 12-8 under buck showalter. what a nightmare for millwood. a three run home run on a mistake pitch to the deepest crevice of deep left field then, there's markakis and brian roberts. it's 3-1 and then, in the 6th inning, they unload on another 3-1 shot and that's on route to
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the victory. both teams split the four game series. >> well, the offense has come up and we're hitting a decent amount of hits like i said, instead of getting worse, we're getting better. >> moving along, the little league series in aberdeen. they're losing 3-0 before mexico's team gets a 3 run homer. mexico wins the cal ripken world series by the finals of 7- 1. ? nfl now, unquestionable, a big play of last night's 23-3 raven's victory over the washington red skins was the third man, the 51 run yard return and he fooled the skins. and special teams are a priority. >> well, that's unheard of for a football team. we have so many on the special
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teams, we're trying to become an elite team. we're hoping you get there. >> congratulations to the bay hawks they beat the lizards for the lacrosse champions. and watch that rick co-say. -- ricochet. the bay hawks, 13-9. fred, driver of the penske racing dodge -- kyle busch is [ bleep ] . >> hope you didn't read his lips. well, they have a little bit of a feud going on. well, that's the guy that won. he broke all three events at the track this weekend. he won the truck series and nationwide and the last night sprint cup race. by the way, two races are left before the chase begins.
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lieu pineli says that's it. >> all right, stan. thank you. coming up tonight at 11:00, an incredible story of survival. 33 workers trapped in a mine in chili and today, 33 families rejoiced. and a mystery illness sends a high school football team to a high school football team to the hospitit,,,,
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